Case Study

We started working with Andersen Heating & Cooling in the spring of 2015 via a recommendation from their local HVAC equipment salesperson.  Their marketing and advertising was being handled in-house like many HVAC companies we come across today. They had a company managing their website, they had dabbled in radio and tv in the past, had a heavy investment into the yellow pages, sponsored a minor league baseball team, participated in a new homeowner’s publication, and a few online paid lead services.  Our team presented a plan that would improve their marketing results to drive more leads and ultimately more business.

"Since our partnership we have doubled our sales" —Carrie Ivester, Andersen Heating & Cooling

Results With Effective Media

2015 Major Investments In Place:
  • Yellow pages
  • Manufacturer managed PPC ads
  • Angie’s List
  • Minor league baseball team sponsorship
2015 Added Investments:
  • TTWN(Total Traffic & Weather) Radio advertising
  • Monthly SEO(Search Engine Optimization) for website
  • Created original music bed for radio and TV
2016 Added Investments and Reallocation:
  • Cable TV
  • Yellow pages removed and reallocated
2017 Marketing:
  • Increased investment in Radio
  • Increased investment in Cable TV
  • Started “Trust Your Home to Andersen” Branding
2018 Marketing:
  • Billboards (Co-op through Manufacturer)
  • Marked increase in Search PPC
  • Social Media Organic posting
  • Social Media Paid ads
2019 Marketing:
  • Increase in Search PPC budget
  • Additional Search PPC campaign added through manufacturer co-op
  • Reduced Angie’s List budget by half
  • Addition OTT(Over The Top Television) in conjunction with cable TV
2020 Marketing:
  • Increased PPC budget
  • Addition of LSA’s or Google Guaranteed
  • Angie’s list removed from budget
2021 Marketing:
  • Slight increase in Search PPC Budget
  • Addition of PPC Display Ads
  • Broadcast TV in addition to Cable and OTT
2022 Marketing:
  • Hyper Targeted Ads for Google Display and Facebook/Instagram
  • Google Local Ads
  • Television campaign centered around their core beliefs, why you want to “Trust Your Home to Andersen”

Marketing Summary

HVAC Marketing is like putting together a puzzle, the more pieces you have the more complete your puzzle will be.  When we started with Andersen we were missing many key pieces of the marketing puzzle, and we had a few pieces that didn’t really fit. Through dynamic call tracking, analytics, and reporting, we were able to identify what sources were most important and which ones were not, and we allocated funds appropriately.

Key Takeaways:

  • We removed 2nd party lead generation sources (Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, Home Advisor)
  • Reallocated marketing funds to create more consistent leads
  • Created a brand that resonates with their target customer: “Trust Your Home To Andersen”
  • Balanced their budget properly between demand lead generation and branding
  • Created a consistent message across all forms of marketing


The Andersen brand has become a household name in their local area and has become a dominant player in the residential HVAC market.


Effective Media has made us into an organization that has a quality media plan that gets results. I would absolutely recommend Effective Media.

David Boer Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling

We like working with Effective Media because we find that their approach is collegial and professional—they don't seek to drive to their particular goal or opinion, they instead try to understand our operation and custom make their approach to best serve us.

Dale Andersen Andersen Heating & Cooling

Effective Media has changed the way that I look at our business, they've opened up my options to increase the revenue in my business, and opened up new pathways for my business.

Craig Canella Canella Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

I've watched our customer growth since working with Dave and Will grow exponentially. They're innovative in their thinking—from the old-school advertising to the new-school advertising, they keep us successful and on track. I would recommend Effective Media.

Will Berry Berico Heating and Air Conditioning