Branding Your HVAC Business

Branding your HVAC Business is Key

In today’s business environment, it may seem like digital marketing and social media are the solutions for any promotional needs. Indeed, these methods can provide innovative ways to connect with customer bases. But too often we see focus placed extensively on new media at the expense of traditional marketing. Contrary to what some may think, TV, radio and billboards have not gone out of style. These communication channels are effective tools to brand your HVAC business.

Building Brand Awareness

Perhaps the most important element to attracting new clients is building awareness of a brand. Creating an online presence is a great way to engage with people and draw in search results. However, traditional marketing provides initial exposure that has no substitute. When someone sees a TV commercial or billboard or hears the name of a company on the radio, a visual or audial association is created that can be called back through memory or sensory stimulation. Put another way, traditional ads make your brand memorable. This brand recognition is an intangible asset that heavily influences consumers’ decisions. If a consumer recognizes your brand name, they’re more likely to choose it over an unknown company that just so happens to rank high in search engine results.

Branding Builds Trust

The introduction between your brand and your consumer is not only important for awareness, but trust as well. The HVAC industry is totally reliant upon trust. Lifelong HVAC customers don’t pick their providers because of their cheap deals, but because they are confident in the quality of service. Advertising and marketing your brand through traditional media reinforces this trust. Studies have shown that consumers trust radio, TV and billboard ads considerably more than mobile marketing and ads driven by search engine results or social media. This doesn’t mean that digital and social media don’t have their merits. For instance, social media allows consumers to grow a relationship with a brand, encouraging conversation and word-of-mouth, which is the most sought after form of customer interaction. But in order to achieve this, a brand must be trustworthy, which is why traditional marketing is still essential.

Tying it Together

The real moment of truth comes when the 2% of the population needs your services. They come home to a hot stuffy house, so what do they do? They go to the internet and begin searching for quality, trustworthy contractors. This is where the branding portion “kicks in”. The consumer sees choices that their search engine has provided. The vast majority of people will not go past the first page, so it’s vital to be on the first page of search results. The branding of your company triggers them to create an association with your business. They may not remember if it was the radio spot, tv commercial, billboard, job site sign, or even your well lettered and wrapped vehicle; they just create an association. So, your company’s website is the one they visit. If your site provides them with what they need, then you get the phone call. Consumers who are in need of a heating and air conditioning contractor don’t want to call five companies for ac repair. They want to solve their need quickly. So, it’s important to tie the traditional brand building to the digital call to actions. This is what wins new customers in today’s world.
A focused marketing strategy is crucial for any HVAC business. Effective Media Solutions can help you build a brand that your customers know and trust.