Our Mission

To provide the Best HVAC Marketing Strategies that will GROW your heating & air business!

Having worked in the HVAC Marketing and Advertising field for over 19 years, we have first-hand knowledge other agencies don’t. You won’t need to explain to us about the importance of “Growing HVAC Maintenance Agreements” or about the “Seasonality”of your business. We can just focus our time on strategizing how to best grow your business.







Develop a comprehensive marketing plan with consistent branding and messages across all platforms.
Consistency is the key to stay “Top of Mind“ with the customers in your community, and our marketing plan is ongoing.
We are constantly optimizing your marketing campaigns so that you will see a consistent flow of HVAC leads for your business.

HVAC Expertise

We've been helping businesses just like yours for over 19 years. Click on our video to learn more about how we partner with clients!

What Are The Best HVAC Marketing Strategies?

Contractors are always looking for ways to refine their efforts to grow their business. So, what is the best strategy to market your business? It’s a tough proposition when your services are not in constant demand. What do you do when only 2% of the population is ever looking for you services at any given time? You Create a Marketing Strategy Unique to that Heating and Air Company, you create one that focuses on their USP! (Unique Selling Proposition)

The number one question asked by hvac contractors is, how do I get more leads? How can you get my phone to ring? How do I get more website traffic? Contractors are frustrated with the seasonality of the hvac industry. They make all their money in the summer, and give it back in the fall. Make more money in the winter, if it’s cold? Then turn around and give it right back during the spring. Does this sound like your business? We often hear HVAC Advertising doesn’t work….it does when executed properly!

HVAC Lead Generation That WORKS.

So what works to consistently generate leads for your heating and air conditioning business? We must start with what your customer is looking for from your HVAC business.

Trust, Value, and Fixed Now. Your target customer is looking to TRUST your company before they will let you in their home or business. They want to know they are receiving VALUE for their purchase, not the lowest price...low price never wins in the long-term. And they want it FIXED NOW, today’s consumer will not wait for service! Effective Media Solutions crafts a marketing strategy around these core values, and we carry it to all forms of marketing and advertising. Our goal is for your community to be familiar with your brand, be able to quickly find you when they need you, and ultimately call your phone when their heating or air conditioner needs service. We have years of experience in generating profitable leads for our clients. Let’s grow your business together!

Founding Partners

Over 19 Years Speaking Your Language, We Can Tell Your Customers How Great You Are In A Way That Resonates With Them.

Dave Bowen

Dave’s philosophy is to be the best and to have fun! He is a guy that takes his job very seriously but never takes himself too seriously. You wouldn’t either if you had a face like his…
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Will Merritt

Will has been in the HVAC industry for 28 years from distribution to contractor to marketer where he developed a passion for helping HVAC companies grow their businesses.
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Effective Media has made us into an organization that has a quality media plan that gets results. I would absolutely recommend Effective Media.

David Boer Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling

We like working with Effective Media because we find that their approach is collegial and professional—they don't seek to drive to their particular goal or opinion, they instead try to understand our operation and custom make their approach to best serve us.

Dale Andersen Andersen Heating & Cooling

Effective Media has changed the way that I look at our business, they've opened up my options to increase the revenue in my business, and opened up new pathways for my business.

Craig Canella Canella Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

I've watched our customer growth since working with Dave and Will grow exponentially. They're innovative in their thinking—from the old-school advertising to the new-school advertising, they keep us successful and on track. I would recommend Effective Media.

Will Berry Berico Heating and Air Conditioning
what does today's consumer want from their hvac contractor