Branding Separates You from Your Competition

3 Core Messaging Concepts The Consumer Wants

The customer wants to trust your company and trust you are the solution to their problem.
Often the HVAC industry sells on price. Instead focus on how your company provides greater value than your competition.
Trust and Value are vital, but Fast, Timely Service many overshadow their importance to a homeowner in need of service.


TV commercials are a great branding tool for HVAC companies. It helps the consumer build a visual bond with you. Television is a great way to create”Top of Mind Awareness” for your business. Remember your ideal customer isn’t thinking about you until their heating or air conditioning breaks. That’s where the visual branding from TV really works! We take care of everything. Our staff produces many HVAC spots each year, so we have an eye for it. We know what comes across on camera and what gets consumer’s attention.

What Do We Handle?

HVAC Radio Commercials

You must get your message across quickly to the consumer on radio. Frequency is key to radio advertising. Having worked in the radio industry, we understand what works and what does not. It’s all about getting the consumer’s attention quickly and delivering an easy to understand message.

Radio Spots “From Concept to Creation”

Media Buying & Placement


Over-the-top content (OTT) is a term used in broadcasting to refer to content providers that distribute streaming media as a standalone product. This is directed towards the “Cord Cutters.” From your standpoint, again, we would manage everything from scripts to media placement. The way we consume media is ever changing and Effective Media Solutions is at the forefront so you don’t have to be.

Are You Reaching The "Cord Cutters"?

OTT is a growing platform.  It can be purchased as a “stand alone”, or it can be used in conjunction with traditional TV advertising.  Today, as business owners, we must go where the “eyeballs” are!  In most cases, commercials on the OTT platform can not be skipped.  What a great tool to promote your HVAC business!


Effective Media Solutions tries to strike the proper balance between traditional and digital advertising for its clients.  Both play a key role in growing your brand. Traditional marketing is a great way to promote top of mind awareness for your company. This is critical for the heating and air conditioning business, because the majority of consumers are not in the market for your services.  Statistics show, only about 2% of the population is ever in the market at any given time for your services.

Reach Thousands Each Day

A strategically placed billboard can be seen by thousands of eyes each day, driving key branding for your HVAC company. Today, you have options between static or paper billboards and digital boards.  Artwork for traditional poster type billboards is created and actually hung by the billboard company.  Digital boards are graphic files that are created by us and can be updated or changed more readily. Having driven brand awareness, the more consumers recognize your name making them more likely to call you over your competition—and that’s really what this is all about.

Direct Mail

Direct mail still works in today’s digital society.  Homeowners are not receiving the quantity of mail they did in past years. Your heating and air conditioning company can identify the right consumer with the proper targeting and message.

Geo-targeting is critical

Identifying the right area and the right homeowner are key.  What if you could reach potential customers in the areas you want with the right message.  For example, what if you could target customers in a neighborhood where you already have loyal customers? What if you could target the age of home that is prime for service or replacement? And deliver that mail piece when you want it delivered?