Pay Per Click Advertising for HVAC Contractors

Heating & Air PPC & SEM

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a form of internet advertising that only charges you when your ad is clicked. Your ad can be seen 1000 times and you will only pay if someone decides to click on it! These are the ads you see at the top of Google, in your Facebook feed, at the beginning of a YouTube video, or even on the side of your local news website. Sounds like a great way to brand your HVAC business AND directly drive leads, doesn’t it?

In fact, PPC advertising is one of the best ways for HVAC companies to reach new customers. With location targeting, we can make sure that your ad will ONLY show to people who are currently inside your service area. You can also target people who are currently in the market for your services by using a well-defined list of keywords that trigger your ad to appear. This targeting also allows for specific demographics to be targeted in different ways.  This drives leads which will drive new customers!

What Kind Of PPC Advertising Is Best For You?

Search Advertising

Put yourself in the shoes of the average homeowner – you come home from work on a hot summer day and the air conditioning isn’t working. If you don’t have an existing relationship with a trustworthy HVAC company, what’s the fastest way to find someone? Pull out your smartphone and search for “air conditioning repair” on Google! With Search Advertising, you can guarantee a top ranking for keywords that are relevant to your company. By monitoring the search queries in your market, we develop a cutting edge list of keywords and constantly evolving demographics configuration that targets these consumers.

Display Advertising

Beyond Search Advertising, which is based on keywords, Display Advertising is another form of PPC that shows banner (image) ads on various websites. This can be on Facebook, Your Local News Website, YouTube, a Golfing Website – virtually anywhere! These Display Ads are a great tool for branding your HVAC company while potential customers are browsing the web. They must fit a certain criteria that ensures your target demographic will be the one seeing your ad and, of course, you only pay when they click it! These ads are great for branding and bringing in customers who are possibly not aware of your services or how to find you on a search engine.

Google Guaranteed

Google Guaranteed; formally known as Local Service Ads, has become a dominate lead generator for HVAC contractors. Do you want your heating and air company to be at the top of the search results?
Google’s Guarantee Badge provides confidence to the consumer that your company's services are backed by Google. This service is a Pay Per Lead service, so you only get charged when the consumer calls your business!