How Do You GROW Your HVAC Business?

It’s a Dating Process!

We all want to install new systems, right? But, we have to remember that is the last thing that the homeowner wants…..It’s a process or path you have to follow.  Of course we all get lucky with the desperate homeowner, whose system fails unexpectedly and we get the quick changeout.  In most cases we have to follow the dating process of residential HVAC.  It’s not a quick turnaround in most cases.  So, how do you GROW your HVAC business?

Let’s See How The Process Works

Let’s start with how you position your company, what appearance does your heating and air business convey to the consumer?  Is your company portraying an image of Trust and Reliability?  Letting someone into your home is a big deal for a homeowner, you better make sure your company looks reputable and trustworthy.

The Attraction Phase

This is can me the most important part of the process!  If your company doesn’t stand out to the “eye” of the consumer, they will not call you.  And what do we mean, stand out?

The Consumer is searching online for HVAC services.

This process can happen pretty quickly.  They come home to find their air conditioning or heating is not working, so they leap into action by searching on their device.  “ac repair near me”  “emergency heating service”

Can your company be found on page 1?

Are you here?

  • Google Local Service Ads or Google Guaranteed
  • Google Paid Search Ads (PPC Ads)
  • Google Local Maps Pack
  • Organic Listings
  • Search by Photos

Once they land on your website, you have to deliver your message quickly!  The homeowner wants to Trust you immediately, they are looking for Value in their purchase, and they want it Fixed Now!

The First Date, “The Service Call”

So, here comes the real moment of truth!  Your new customer contacted your heating and air company to come repair their A/C system.  Your CSR does a great job handling the distress call and books the service appointment.  Now, they are meeting your technician for the first time.  These details are CRUCIAL for the “First Date”, remember you can only make a first impression once!

  • Show up on time
  • Clean vehicle
  • Uniformed technician
  • Polite and respectful
  • Gain their trust early

You complete your repair at their home. Now, it’s time to bring them into your “HVAC” family.  You want your new family member to be a maintenance customer for life! Explain the benefits your company provides for being a maintenance customer.  This should be an easy decision for the homeowner to sign up for your program. If you can’t think of many benefits; or it is not a compelling argument, then it may be time to review what your agreement offers its members?

Why Would You(Homeowner) Want to Purchase a Maintenance Agreement with Your Company?

  • Priority Service
  • Discounts on repairs
  • Improved equipment performance
  • Lower utility bills
  • Equipment longevity
  • Money towards equipment replacement

We can’t stress enough about the importance of growing your maintenance base. It is the life blood of any residential service and replacement HVAC business.  Your company should have at least 1000 agreements per 1 million dollars in residential revenue. You can’t have too many!  Remember, you have to take care of and nurture your customers through this “Dating” Process.

You Have to Nurture the Relationship

It is truly a relationship between homeowner and HVAC company!  You need keep the communication going between you too! Just like a dating relationship, you need to sweet-talk them regularly, send them notes, call them…..send flowers! It keeps the bond strong.  So, how do you nurture your HVAC relationship?

Your Maintenance Technician

  • Communication directly with the homeowner, let them what you are doing on each visit
  • Show them a before and after pictures of the coil or blower wheel on a maintenance visit
  • Make them aware of potential issues like a pitting contactor, a capacitor that is starting to fail, duct issues, etc.
  • Show them value in what they are getting from their maintenance contract

Communication Directly From Your Company to Your Customer

  • Thermostat and Unit Stickers
  • Send newsletters or “e” newsletters
  • Emails about specials or new products
  • Remind them about the important of maintenance
  • Send Birthday cards; these can me mailed, emailed, or texted

There Are No Shortcuts!

This is the secret to long-term success in the residential heating and air conditioning business.  You want to grab your new customers in a “Bear” hug and don’t let them go.  If you keep the communication constant and the relationship strong, your customer will not look elsewhere for their HVAC service or replacement needs, but if you don’t do your job properly…..You will find your customers slowing drifting away.  When it comes time to replace their system, you may find them getting other estimates beside you!

It’s the Wedding Day, “The Changeout!”

This courtship may range from a few months to a few years, depending on age of your client’s HVAC system.  This is what every heating and air contractor ultimately wants, “The Changeout” or unit replacement.  The day a new system is installed is the reward for a lot of hard work by your company. But as soon as the wedding is over, it’s time to start the process over again…. Remember we want clients for life!

In Summary, How Do You Grow Your HVAC Business?

It all started with the initial interaction with your customer.  They contacted you for service on their air conditioner.

Why did they call your company?

  • You had created top of mind awareness through traditional advertising (Radio, TV, Billboards)
  • When they searched for “AC Repair”, they found your company on page on 1 of their search (Google Guaranteed, Google Search Ads, Local Maps, Organic Ranking)
  • They clicked on your listing or website and they liked what they saw!

They called you from their search:

  • You answered the phone and your CSR was polite and helpful
  • Your company scheduled a timely service call

The technician arrived at their home

  • He or she arrived on time
  • They were in a well-maintained vehicle
  • Properly dressed in a clean uniform with identification
  • They communicated well with the homeowner
  • Explained the problem and repaired the system
  • They were able upsell them on your company’s maintenance plan

We communicate with our “highly valued” customer

  • Maintenance reminders
  • emails about specials
  • Newsletters

We get to install a new system in their home!

Now it is a rinse and repeat process of maintenance, service, and ultimately the replacement.  There are few shortcuts in this business!  This is a long-term model for success in the residential HVAC business.

We hope you enjoyed our article!

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Will Merritt