HVAC Branding in 2020

HVAC Branding – Tell Your Story – It’s Important!

Everyone has a story to tell, even heating & air conditioning companies! Many are a story of passion, sacrifice, and the will to succeed where others have failed.  People can identify with that and relate to it in their own lives.  They want to hear about success and what you stand for.  If you humanize your company, consumers will identify with it.  They will want to do business with you over your competition.  So, how do you Brand Your HVAC Business in 2020?

Separate Yourself from the Competition

What makes your HVAC company different?  Why should I call you over the other 50 companies in town?  Why are you better?  Why should I trust you?  These are questions you should ask yourself and be able to answer.  This is where branding yourself and your company are vital to your success.  So, how do I do it?  We all provide repair, maintenance, and installation services?  TELL YOUR STORY!

  • Why did you get in the business to start with?
  • Talk about your journey, your life.
  • Why you are passionate about your business and the services you provide?
  • Talk about the quality and expertise you bring
  • Guarantees your company provides

So What Really is Branding?

Branding; by definition, is the practice of creative awareness of a product or in this case a service that is easily recognizable as belonging to your business.  HVAC branding is critical to the success and profitability of your business.

Distinguishable brands typically command higher prices that ones that are considered generic. So what does this mean for HVAC companies like yours?

Let’s first identify what the consumer thinks about residential hvac.  The reputation of our industry is sometimes tarnished, and the consumer is expecting bad or poor service…..What if we turned that perception around for them.

The Perfect Service Call

  • Call Ahead to let them you are on the way.
  • Email or text them a picture of the service techician.
  • Show up on time, in a clean uniform (where possible, we know service can be dirty), in a clean vehicle, wearing a name tag.

The HVAC Equipment Purchase Process – “In the consumer’s eyes”

Homeowners think purchasing a new heating and air conditioning system is like buying a new washer and dryer, a refrigerator, or a tv.

Where to Purchase?

They look at the different retail outlets to make their purchase from, and in your case they are looking at potentially you and your competitors.  The consumer then moves to what options or features best will meet their needs.  (EX: A homeowner is purchasing a new tv.  They look at the picture quality, size, smart tv, etc….)

Feature set or performance

In our world that means:

  • Efficiency: SEER, HSPF, AFUE
  • Comfort level: single vs. multi-stage vs. variable capacity
  • Warranty

You notice we aren’t mentioning price here….?

This also applies to how you BRAND or SEPARATE your heating and air company from the competition….


Trust is paramount to the consumer.  They must trust your company and your technician before they will let you enter their home.  Branding around trust for your HVAC business is important…..consumers will weigh this before making a purchase decision.


The average consumer only purchases HVAC 2.5 times in their lifetime, so it is an infrequent purchase.  It is the most expensive appliance in the home.  They are looking for value over price, but if we don’t present our value proposition they will ultimately revert to price.

Fixed Now

Timely fast service may trump all of the above.  We live in a “me too” society today, consumers refuse to wait for service.  Your HVAC company must have to ability to react fast to the consumer needs.  Long gone are the days of waiting two weeks for a new installation or 3 days for service. So….

What if your BRANDED around timely service guarantees????? Fixed today or your service call is free??? Guaranteed Repairs or your money back!

What would consumers think about your business?

Customers will Identity with You!

Your heating & air business has to face the basic facts…..Consumers/homeowners just don’t think about you until they need you…..So, by branding your hvac business with things they  identify with will create association with what they like.  Your ultimate goal is to become the “Kleenex” of heating and air companies in your area.  When they need your services, you are the first company that comes to mind……It’s a lofty goal, but it can be done!

HVAC Branding works in 2020!

It’s time to Tell Your Story!

Thanks and Good Selling!

We Speak HVAC!