Why Marketing to Your Customer Base is Important

Why Marketing to Your Customer Base Is Important for HVAC Contractors

As an HVAC contractor, your primary goals most likely include providing quality installation, equipment maintenance, and customer service. Although it may seem secondary to these functions, marketing is a crucial component of any HVAC business strategy for growth. Marketing to your customer base is an effective way to enhance your business and keep it healthy from within.

Brand awareness and trust for HVAC companies

The HVAC industry is one built almost entirely upon the trust between contractors and the clients they serve. In order to foster and safeguard these relationships for your business, marketing strategies must be implemented to elevate your services above the “noise” that consumers are bombarded with from your competitors. A trustworthy, recognizable brand name and image that immediately connects with a customer is made possible by use of traditional media channels, such as radio, TV and print advertising. Tailored messages that are unique yet concise will keep your services above the fray of HVAC ads vying for your customers’ attention. As your customer becomes distracted by this competition, you must remind them of your relationship and their attachment to your brand. This association can then be reinforced through the use of social media and digital marketing, which create a more personal identity for your brand and stimulate a “buzz”, one of the most persuasive yet intangible forms of promotion. Here are a few tips to create “Top of Mind Awareness” with your customer base:

    • Happy Calls after service
    • Referral Program
    • Email Marketing
    • Newsletters

Just to name a few…

Attracting new customers in your service area

According to the Pareto principle, 80% of a company’s revenue is generated by 20% of its clients. This shows that although your bread and butter are the top-level customers who are loyal to your services, neglecting the larger customer base can eliminate a significant revenue stream for your business. Because this 80% of clientele are constantly searching for maximum personal value, many leave through a revolving door, and marketing can guide new ones back through it. Today’s consumer has a short memory and has to be constantly reminded. In particular, SEO can help you capture a larger market segment. The days of the yellow pages are gone, and the vast majority of people choose HVAC providers from search engines like Google. Rarely do internet users click past the first page of search results, so if your company comes up on the third or fourth page of a “Charlotte HVAC” search, you’re unlikely to receive any hits. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advances content from websites to the top of the search results so that customers are organically directed towards your services. This is critical to increasing customer retention as well as growing the customer base.

Get the Marketing Results Your Company Deserves

Connecting with your customer base requires a comprehensive and distinctive marketing strategy. At Effective Media Solutions, we pride ourselves in a proven track record of generating leads for HVAC contractors in the Southeast. Call or email us today to see how we can help grow your business.
A focused marketing strategy is crucial for any HVAC business. Effective Media Solutions can help you build a brand that your customers know and trust.