Think Like A Consumer, NOT A Contractor

  • September 14, 2016
  • Dev
  • 3 min read


Wear Your Consumer Hat

As an HVAC professional, you pride yourself in your expertise and knowledge of equipment, maintenance, and the state of the industry. At your disposal is a plethora of information with which you can enlighten laypeople in need. However, this technical proficiency can actually obscure your message and confuse your audience, especially when that audience is your customer.  You must think like the consumer…

Focus on the Benefits of HVAC

When marketing HVAC services or products, it’s important to understand your customer’s mindset. Consumers want to know in the simplest terms the benefits of choosing a specific product or service. This means focusing on results-based promotion. For instance, when promoting new air conditioner units, first inform the customer of the primary benefits: they’re more efficient, providing lower energy bills and better comfort. Leading with an in-depth explanation of government regulations of R-22 refrigerant and the superior properties of R-410A could easily lose your customer’s attention. Of course, this information is important. Consumers should know why they eventually will have no choice but to upgrade to an R-410A system. But when you let them know the benefits in their own language, you create a message that will generate a much more positive response.

Thinking like your Customer

Speaking your customer’s language is not the only way to tailor messages to your target market. In order to maximize your promotional exposure, you have to think the way the consumer does. It’s important to realize that people deal with HVAC issues in a reactive manner. That is, the average person won’t research HVAC repair until they encounter a problem, such as a strange smelling furnace. These kinds of inquiries open up the opportunity for SEO to direct searches towards informational blogs and website material about filter changes and general maintenance issues. Another fundamental aspect of this strategy is understanding the role HVAC plays in consumers’ lives. A family may go the whole year without thinking twice about the air conditioner or furnace, but if an unexpected winter storm knocks out power in the area, a functioning heating system could be the one thing keeping their home safe. Personalized emails to clients affected by weather and other events shows that you have the same concerns they do and realize that their HVAC is less machinery and more a safeguard for their home.

Keep it simple

Putting yourself in the mindset of your customer requires refocusing of your marketing strategy. However, the effort is worth it. Improved communication with the market is a sure way to increase your customer base.  Keep it simple for the consumer.  Think about benefits to the consumer and not features.  An example would be a two-stage air conditioner.  Talk to the consumer about increased comfort, lower energy bills, and quiet operation.  Don’t lose them in technical jargon, speak in their terms……Trust me it works.

Happy Selling!

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