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Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Vlogs to Market Your HVAC Company

When it comes to marketing for HVAC companies, blogs are a crucial piece of the puzzle. Blogging enhances SEO, which essentially means that your webpage is more easily found by people browsing online. However, in order to reach your target audience effectively, you need to use video blogs, or vlogs, as well. Here are the top 5 reasons your HVAC company needs to start vlogging.

Vlogs increase brand presence

Blogs are excellent for attracting site traffic from people searching for specific HVAC information. However, if you want to cast a wider net, vlogging is the key. Vlogs are easy to share and watch, so viewers of your content are naturally inclined to spread your message and recipients are likely to open your links.

Vlogging creates a brand identity

Many HVAC companies struggle to establish a brand identity, and blogs don’t necessarily help the issue. Blogs are inherently information-dense, whereas video allows for more entertainment value that can give a face to your company in the mind of the consumer. In addition, vlogs fit seamlessly into the social media landscape, whereas traditional blogs are mostly limited to your website.

Brand promotion through vlogging

Once you’ve built your brand identity, you can use vlogs to promote it. A short video touring your offices and interviewing team members can be a powerful recruitment tool for potential employees. Also, filmed customer testimonials are even more compelling than written reviews and are invaluable promotional assets.

“How to” HVAC vlogs

There are some topics that are more suited for the written word. For instance, highly technical or complex HVAC subjects are better understood when the reader can learn at their own pace. On the other hand, “How to topics” can be best covered in video format.

Millennials and mobile video

According to Google, over 80% of millennials own smartphones, and roughly 98% of those individuals watch videos on their smartphones during the day. Therefore, the answer is simple: If you want to reach millennials, you need to incorporate vlogs into your website and social media presence.

Blogs + Vlogs = A healthy HVAC marketing plan

Don’t go deleting the Blogs tab from your webpage just yet! Blogs are still fundamental for your SEO marketing efforts. Still, vlogging allows you to use similar tactics to influence new marketing channels and untapped audiences. The key is to discover the equilibrium that works for your company.