What Digital Ads Perform Best for Contractors?

When a homeowner has an emergency, they take action immediately! 

Make sure your company’s offer captures their attention immediately! Consumers see all types of offers from HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical contractors. Best service, locally owned, family owned, veteran owned, guaranteed service, 7 days a week, 24/7, fixed right or it’s free, same day service……you get the picture. But what really moves the needle for the would-be consumer that has a clogged drain or a broken A/C?  Let’s see….

So, what performs best?

Let’s look at “Search Ads” first, these are what’s also called “Text Ads”.

Search or text ads have been a proven strategy for paid advertising for the home services industry for years.  It makes up the majority of Google’s revenue dollars.  It is called “pay per click” or PPC by most.

The top words or phrases that will drive clicks and conversions on your website:

  1. 24/7 service
  2. Years of service
  3. Guarantees on workmanship
  4. Experience
  5. Warranties

Display advertising is another paid ad platform that is great for branding, that also drives conversions. These are visual ads that run on partnering websites, apps, and games.  Examples: Local news stations, the weather channel, the weather app, candy crush, etc.

These are the top offers that will drive conversions on your website.  They are listed in order of performance:

  • Tune-up offer with a price
  • Dollar-amount off for service or repair
  • Financing offers

What we find very interesting is the fact that the consumer rarely mentions the offer when they call the contractor.  This knowledge is obtained through “Dynamic Call Tracking”, which allows you to listen to the conversations. (Note: Great training tool for owners and CSR’s to be able to review the calls) The offer drives the click, which drives the conversion, the phone call. The goal is to get them to contact you.

What else is the consumer looking for? 

They are looking for three core values from your company.

  1. Trust – they have to trust your company immediately, remember you are going into their homes and interacting with family members.
  2. Value – the consumer wants value in their purchase, they want it to work and last, that never comes from a “cheap” price.
  3. Fixed Now – fast service will override the above two, you must be able the service the customer in a timely fashion.

We hope this helps you convert more leads into customers with your marketing efforts. 


Will Merritt

Managing Partner

Effective Media Solutions

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